M3 (Magically Making Money)

“The communication with Brian was always quick and clear and easy. We were very pleased with the amount of money we made...Can't wait to do it again!”

Felicia Roche - Cougar Cadets

The basis of this service is quite simple: a magic show that can be enjoyed by the entire family, that a group sells tickets to, allowing them to make money, as well as raises awareness for their cause - all while having a lot of fun.

With this program there are no catalogs, no inventory, no shipping and handling. There are no cheaply made products to see that no one wants yet still buys because they want to help out with a good cause.

Instead, this program provides a high quality and entertaining magic and illusion show that the entire family can enjoy at an affordable ticket price.

There are a number of ways to make money using this program, but it is the show, Access to Oddities, Brian Scott Productions' premier stage show that acts as the back bone and nerve center for it all. This is the same show that plays in theaters and at corporate functions and large events.

Below you will find some of the FAQ that should help answer some of your questions. If you have any additional questions about how you can use this service please do not hesitate to call the offices at 1-800-955-9619, or e-mail us at magic@brianscottproductions.com

Who can use M3?

PTO/PTA's, Civic Groups, Non-profits, High School groups, Church groups, and just about anyone else that belongs to a group that needs to raise funds.

How long is the show?

Access to Oddities is a 90 minute show that includes a 15 minute intermission (allowing you to make extra money with a concession sidecar).

What are Sidecar fundraisers?

Sidecar fundraisers are small add-on fundraisers that compliment the show and work at their best when done in tandem with the main driving force of the show. Often you can cover all your costs with a sidecar fundraiser allowing every ticket sold to be pure profit.

Can there be more than one show in a day if we sell out the first show?

Yes! You could have up to three shows in one day in many situations.

What is the price of tickets?

Ticket prices are set by the organization using M3, however they generally run between $7 -$15.

How long do we need to plan and run this program?

It is advised to have no less than 4-6 weeks to operate this program.

How many people do we need to work the event?

The more the merrier. Although the size of the group is not what matters, it is the determination of those who are in the group that equates success. With that being said a skeleton crew of at least 7 individuals is recommended.

What do you provide?

I provide the show, the know-how, constant phone/e-mail consultation, an in-person consultation session, and a simple step-by-step manual that helps guarantee your success.

What do we provide?

What you do is provide the location, the team to sell tickets, you collect the monies, you run as many sidecar fundraisers as you want and you are responsible for paying the performer's fees and any other fees associated with your event... not to mention, bask in the spotlight for putting on a great show and operating an amazing fundraiser.

Do you provide posters and tickets?

Yes, I provide a starter kit of enough posters to create visibility, and all of the tickets.

How do you get paid? Do you take a percentage of ticket sales?

I work on a flat fee, which means you determine how much you can make! Many time fundraisers like this take a percentage, forcing you, at times, to set higher than sellable ticket prices. I don’t - because I feel that you should have a single goal toward which to work and that you should reap the most for a job well done - the harder you work the more money you make. Why should I make extra money just because you did all the extra work, this way there are no awkward moments between us and nothing is hidden.

How much of a deposit is needed?

There is no money up front and payment is not due until one week prior to show day.

Will other groups in our town be able to use the program while we do?

Your group will have exclusive show rights for 6 months in its town and all of its immediately neighboring towns.

I hope this answers many of your questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon so we can start working on Magically Making Money for your group!

To set up a date to start this program call 1-800-955-9619 or e-mail Brian Scott Productions today!